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Customer Dog Kennel Photos

Many of our customers have constructed some outstanding kennel operations using our PetPro line of dog kennels. If you have photos of your dog kennel that you would like to display on our web site, please send your photos and the information you would like included to options@optionsplus.com.


 "I would like to share with you what we did with an order a few months ago. We wanted 3x4 kennels so we added painted wood and turned the side lengthwise. Beautiful kennels. I’m attaching a picture".

Thank you,

Janell O’Connor

 Great example of a multiple run dog kennel. Photo by Brent Graham


Our customers get very innovative with how they use our dog kennel panels and this is a prime example. Dennis Maher of www.cpusales.com used the Diamond Series kennel panels as windows for his dog Hondo. The photo to the left is Hondo's Condo.

"Just want to say thanks for our quick kennel, and the great customer service!

We used the 4x4 kennel for the first time last weekend. It set up easily. Most importantly, it kept our dogs comfortable and safe. They loved having a place out of the sun to relax. They had enough room to play a bit, move around, and lay down."

Great product!

Molly Strom


 Now here is an innovative use for the Bronze Plus Panels - Building a Chicken Coop!

"Thank you for designing a wonderful cage for our chickens. They are happy layers! "

Photos Submitted by Mike



"Gretzky is getting used to his new kennel and loving it. Only thing I have to teach him is to wipe his feet better when he comes in after the rain ;o)
He is doing well being on his own. Thanks so much for all of your help, you made it possible for me to keep him at home while I work."

Here are a few pictures of the final.

Shannon and Gretzky

 Hey just wanted to THANK YOU again. While on vacation (with my
dogs) our area got 50-70 mile and hr winds and the kennel tops all stayed on
but one! I was thrilled! Also i discovered kennel top panels on the sides
for shade.

Heidi with Havestar NC

 After five years-we finally opened our Dog Day Care facility in Hayward CA. We did alot of research and decided on Options Plus for our Kennels. I am so happy with the high quality look of the kennels-really nice. The delivery came minus the water bowls-they sent them out the day I called. The delivery arrived with some of the panels damaged and unusable-They shipped replacement panels the next morning (after getting the pics) I am sooo impressed with their product and now their customer service. They knew I am a start up, and having a Grand Opening and did everything they could to have all the kennels here in time AND Jenn even "liked" my business on facebook! I can't believe a company in OH took the time to social media support a company in CA-REally terrific people with a quality product.

Anna H.

Oakland, CA

Beautiful fall in Atlanta area! Here is a picture of two of the kennels that we got from Options Plus about 2 years ago. They are two side by side 5 x 10 Ultra Series kennels, with sloped roof. I love them! They keep my dogs dry, and protected on occasional windy day.

Best regards,
Yuliya Matvyeyeva
Kennels von Lotta
German Shepherds

 Here is a very nice example of how a dog kennel can be setup to give your dog the freedom to go in and out as they want and still be protected from other animals.

Photos submitted by Elaine Quirk

 In the middle of a stressful situation with Hurricane Irene coming at us, I knew we needed to care for our beautiful kennels and their roof tops. I checked my supply of kennel top fasteners and noted I did not have enough to put them back on after the storm had passed us..
At that point I emailed Options Plus and requested a new supply to which they responded promptly and noted that they were free of charge. I was floored with such a wonderful gesture. This left me to be able to prepare and not worry about the item. The were shipped and received after the storm and things were put back to normal THANKS to Options Plus Kennels. Once again Thanks! you helped make a stressful situation less worrisome.

Heidi Schultz ABC CPDT
Havenstar Dog Training
A Dogs Behavior is Natural, not Human, Modify and Live Together


 Hello from Florida -
We purchased your kennel and then recently asked you to make a roof for it - - - with the heavy rain we can get in Florida, we needed a substantial roof for when little Rex needed to "go outside".

Attached are photos of the new roof that keeps him dry now (the canvas top let the water drip onto him on the edges) - The kennel sits behind the workshop and the new roof also protects him nicely from the sun.


Mr. and Mrs. C. Mueller

I wanted to send you some pictures of what we did to build a kennel with your panels.

We built a 3rd garage bay with radiant floor heat and put 8 kennels across one side (with dog doors) and three "puppy" pens on the inside walls.

Sheila Wetherbee
Connemara Terriers




 I just wanted to write and say that I really love the kennels that I have gotten from Option Plus. I have three 5X5 kennels in my basement for some of my Corsos and I have also remodeled a detached garage into indoor/outdoor kennels. I have attached a picture of my new kennels. They aren't completely finished but wanted to show you how I used the Diamond series kennels. I also have some of the Platinum series kennels in my basement.

I definitely will be ordering more in the future to finish my kennels.

Thank you,

Stephanie Simpson
Bellissima Cane Corsos
(423) 914-3754


 We purchased a limited number of the sections in Jan. for a temporary kennel for the pups to access during the winter, and received 13 additional panels recently. Our two 5 month old standard "party poodles", Bonnie and Clyde, enjoy the freedom to be out, as they can not safely roam the high mountain woods without us along.


Thought that you may like to see your installed product.


Wayne Brock


 I'll be placing another order next week for an additional 3 doors and 5 walls, then another the following week for 5 doors and 5 walls. I'm pretty excited that by mid/late October every piece of metal in my kennel will be replaced by US made Options Plus products.


I've attached some photos of our "Doggie Penthouse Suites" that I built last year using your doors. That experience and the obvious quality of your products sold me on a total kennel renovation.

Thanks again and I'll be in touch with your sales staff next week.


Here's what I did with all the custom panels I ordered from you guys. The standard panel sizes you carry would not work with my building but after getting creative the custom panels I spec'd out came together just like I had planned.


Best Regards,

Josh Mitchell
Stowe Kennel Kare
199 Adams MIll Rd.
Stowe, vt 05672


 "Hi All.
We fastened the kennels to the wall (and floor) last night. I couldn't be happier. It's so sturdy and neat. These kennels have exceeded my expectations. "

Photos by Trish Bove


 "At Dog Suites we build high quality kennels in weeks and for less. We use OptionsPlus on the inside and outside of our kennels to keep our prices low. The quality fencing adds class and strength. Complete kennels start from $40,000 (including buildings, inside fitout and outdoor runs). For more information and further examples of our work go to www.dogsuites.com"


A few weeks ago you sent us these kennels as per our description of what we thought we needed for dog shows, horse shows and trips. Perfect in every way! It took us 10 minutes to put together the 6 x 9 kennel--easy and no stress. The dogs loved it and we could have sold 100's for you at the Hunt Cluster shows in Millwood Virginia last weekend. I should have listened to you and taken extras with us to sell. The handlers are standing in line!
Thank you for all your help, your great product and the fast shipment. We will be ordering more!
Rob and Julianne Wilson
Shamrock Swissys

I have used this kennel for all kinds of things: we have used it for puppies, dogs and goats it is very sturdy and easy to assemble.

Gail Claborn



Here is an excellent example of how our modular dog kennel panels can be used to fit your needs.

 "Hello, Just wanted to show you how perfect your panels worked here. I used them in my newest building nicknamed Pud Muddle Lodge. Here are some photos."

Cassiopeias Golden Legacy Kennel & Boarding
AKC Golden Retrievers
OFA, Heart, Eye Certifications



This is our new kennels that we built your kennels are the best we have ever seen! Thank you Tom Crew Montrose Iowa. 

 I recently purchased your Ultra Kennels and Sloped Hard top roof system for the kennels measuring 10X15. The other evening here in NC we had tornado/high winds measured at our airport around 75-100miles/hr. Saying this, the kennels and roof system remained intact, not even a crack! I got up during the night because the storms were so bad and monitored the roof system. 2 tornados touched down 10 miles from here!
Wow, so THANKS for your ultimate wonderful product!



 Our kennels are not just for dogs and cats! Here are some photos of using our Bronze Plus Panels for building cages for raising skunks.

Photos submitted by Patricia Wess of Wess Exotic Animals 740-787-1221


This is an outstanding example of an indoor/outdoor dog boarding facility in Ohio using Options Plus Modular Dog Kennel Panels.

Photos by Andrea and Doug Groves of Happy Tails Dog Resort



Bo-Dhi loves his "patio".

It is a 6' x 9' x 6' Bronze Plus modular unit with three walls and roof panels to keep out raccoons. The fourth wall is the back of the house with a doggie door. A tarp stretched over a sloping frame keeps the rain off in winter and provides shade in summer. The modular flooring was laid over existing brick and is carpeted with artificial turf mats.


Susan Linn
Bay Point CA


 This article appeared in The Simian National Magazine by Connie Wehrman
Hot Springs, Arkansas

Space, space and more space! If you own a monkey and want what's best for them, you need more space. We live in a relatively small home which was just fine until Miss Katie came along five years ago. Then our lives changed forever. It's all about her now, you know what I'm talking about, right? Our newest project had Miss Katie at the center, but I was wanting something this time too. We have a small bedroom that I've made into a sewing room and I wanted Katie to be able to play while I was playing. I wanted to give her as much space possible, but I didn't want to loose any of my counter space. After much thought and measuring we decided to go with the optionsplus panels. These panels come in 3x4 or 3x3 and can be configured to fit your needs. I did my ordering on the phone as I had a special size need for an entrance panel. The people at options plus were friendly and very accommodating. We chose to go with the 3x4 and stack them so they go to the ceiling. Each panel cost $40.00 and you can order as many as you need or in our case as many as you can afford. We started with 8 panels and mounted the first panel at the end of my sewing counter. We continued to add panels placing them toward the opposite wall. When we came to the last panels we adjusted the angle so it could be mounted to the wall. This gave us an odd shape for her enclosure, but gave me all the space I needed for my sewing. Her enclosed area has a window in it, which is where she loves to sit and look outside. We knew for safety purposes we needed to cover the glass. We purchased a sheet of plexi-glass and built a frame for it. We mounted it to the outside of the window frame and hinged the plexi frame. I was able to keep my blind for privacy as it is mounted between the glass window and the plexi window. The cost of the plexi-glass and the framing wood was approximately $80.00, but well worth the safety and privacy it brings. With a couple of hammocks hung and some toys for enrichment Miss Katie is a happy camper, and her Momma can sew, sew and sew! www.optionsplus.com or 1-800-760-3841

 Photos Courtesy of Dick LaRue of www.alfaheimshepherds.net

 Photo Courtesy of Campbell's Canine Camp. Professional dog training and dog boarding since 1995

  Here is an innovative use of our Bronze Series Kennel as a cat kennel by Mr. Joel Maher.

  Photos Courtesy of

White Pine Boxers & Boarding
Bob & Linda Gasper
6014 Lance Rd.
Medina, Ohio 44256
(330) 723-4933

  Photos Courtesy of

Kevin Hansen

  Photos Courtesy of

Daveena Michael
RiverDance Shelties
New Bloomfield, PA

  Photo Courtesy of

Salvatore Massaro Jr.
Marsal's Llewellin Setters

  Here is another innovative use of our Bronze Series Kennels as a deck barrier by Joyce Miller in Ohio.


  Photo Courtesy of

Tammy Stalnecker

Kandi Kain Danes


  Photo Courtesy of

Charles Malinich

A beautiful example of our Gold Series Kennel with great landscaping by Charles.


  Photo Courtesy of

Deb Wall
Konza Vadasz


  Photos Courtesy of

Jill Brickman

"Dogs are our link to paradise.
They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent.
To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious
afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing
nothing was not boring - it was peace."
- Milan Kundera


 A beautiful example of a 5 run kennel with an enclosed walk in area. Photo by Curtis at saltcreekkennels.com



8223 Rivoli Road • P. O. Box 237 • Bolingbroke, GA 31004

(478) 994-PETS • (478) 994-7699 fax


Photos by Tiné Martin




642 East Edna Pl
Covina, CA 91723

626 339-1354

  Photos Courtesy of

Scott and Dawn Barber
Happy Tails Kennels

 Photos Courtesy of

Chris at Camp KCS


"Options Plus, was great through the whole process of buying my kennels. They are great. I have had my kennels up for 5 months now and haven't had any problems. They are strong."


These photos are a great example of how the bronze series kennels can be used to take your pet friends along when traveling. 



 Very nice example of a Platinum Kennel


Jacque Preble
Top Dog

 We can’t express enough, our pleasure with your Ultra and Bronze product lines. We purchased your Ultra series for our indoor kennels and as outdoor runs and are extremely pleased with the Ultra Series panels. They are easy to work with and are very well constructed. Additionally, we purchased 21 of your Bronze Series panels to take to the dog shows for use as X-pens and we are equally pleased with them. Light in weight but very sturdy and well constructed. Everything I ordered was shipped in a timely fashion and only one panel had any damages and they were minor. I called customer service and Mark sent out parts to repair the damage immediately, and has been very helpful with product information as well.

I’m sure everywhere we go, someone will ask us where we purchased our containment pens. I’ll be more than happy to tell all who inquire of our pleasure with your products and how to find you on the Web. In fact, send me some literature and I’ll hand it out to all that inquire. It’s not often that you purchase something from a web site and are pleased with the end results, but you have made us satisfied customers and very pleased we took the time to try your products.

Great products, great service! Congratulations on a job well done.


Mark and Joan Peterson

Gracewynd Irish Setters

Cheney, WA


I just had to share these pictures with you. I am so happy with how the kennel turn out. I still need to put a doggy door going into our garage but on nice sunny days I am using it all ready. I used rail road ties that I had lying around my back yard to secure the kennel. This helped a lot because the ground is on a slant. The far edge sits up on the rail road tie while the other edges have rail road tie sitting next to them. I screwed the kennel to the rail road ties. She is safe and sound in her new enclosure. My husband broke his foot and could not help me set the kennel up. Thankfully, your product was so easy to put together I was able to do it all myself.

Thank you for providing excellent service and a
wonderful product.

Sarah Stiefler.




 Photo by Kimberly Roush
Park City, Utah


 Photos by Dean Baker of St. Ignace, Michigan of a complete kennel set including hard roof, flooring and dog house for his dog "Buckshot"


 Photos by Greg Gates: Multiple Platinum Dog Kennels with dog houses and hard roofing panels.



I wanted to show you that the wonderful cages you make are not just for dogs and cats anymore. They make great outdoor enclosures for large reptiles as well. For years I've kept my large iguanas in a chainlink dog run. I hated it and wanted something nicer for them. I have dealt with your company many time in creating my parrot aviary's, dog runs and gamebird enclosures and wanted to try my hand at a reptile cage. In consideration of it's requirements, I had to give thought to the fact that they dig, climb and they like water. With that all in mind. I created this 10X10X6. I poured a concrete footer all the way around and made a corner pond that can be drained and re-filled. Added plants, ledges and a heated hide box with shade cloth over the top. The panels went together very fast and easy and the whole thing took me 3 days (mostly digging and drying time for the concrete). If a 47 year old, 110 pound female can do this, think what you can do.

Photos by Terrie Thompson


 This is another Options Plus cage that I just finished slapping together for my peacocks and in record time. They used to run free but prefered to hang out on my back deck most of the day. Needless to say the gifts they left behind became a real problem.
Once I cleared the space with a backhoe, it only took me about 2 hours to put it together. It is a 15X20X6 (originally it was to be 20X20 but a rotten rooster needed his own place. So he has a 5X5 in the back corner of this pen) Since I used a heavy shade cloth for the top, I needed to use T-posts for added support on the sides to prevent the sides from pulling in. They've gotten used to being in a cage after all these years of being free and I don't have poop on the porch anymore. So, were all happy. Thank you again. :)

Photos by Terrie Thompson


To Whom It May Concern:

I just wanted to write and thank you all for sending out my order on such a timely basis. I was amazed that it came within three days!!! I really like the panels I ordered and it saves a lot of assembly time for us as we were going to use pvc piping and hardware cloth tied strapped together to make our own panels. I got that idea from a friend, but when I saw the bronze panel series that you had, I thought I couldn't beat the cost of $30.00/panel to put in my dog kennel we are building. I am so impressed by your products I have recommended you to a friend of mine who is thinking about building a kennel as well. I may order some more panels from you for the outside as well. Thanking you again for such a superb product and great customer service.
Mary Bryant
Crosswood Shelties


 Beautiful example of a Platinum Dog Kennel.

Photo by Michael


 These photos show a very nice multiple dog kennel set. Note how the owner adapted the panels for the different heights of the floor surface.


"I`m very happy with the kennels I purchased from you a couple months ago. They were very easy to set up. The custom panels you made worked out fine. Overall a very professional quality product. "


Joe Widomski


"Thanks for your help in sending me additional tubing so that I could design and build a roof for the kennel. I added 2 inch angle iron around the perimeter of the frame to give it the added support and strength it needed. After the frame was built, I used 5/8 inch exterior plywood and attached it to the frame . I then used a asphalt adhesive to glue the rolled roofing to the plywood. This addition took a lot longer time then planned . Any way it is done, much better kennel then I had previously. Mark, the last chain link kennel that I purchased, after only an hour, I came home and my German Shepherd had the chain link door almost ripped off the door frame."

Thanks for a quality product.


I would like to thank you for such great products. I love the flooring, I have bought enough for seven 5'x10' kennels. I have had my Llewellins on concrete for years and has never cleaned up as easy as
this flooring has. Love the fact that I can move it or add on at anytime. I have been recomending to friends to even put it over the concrete floors. Anyway, thank you,
Michael Pearson

I just want to let you folks know how impressed I am with the kennel flooring that I purchased for two kennels. I have 2 very large Golden Retrievers and 4 other purebred and mixed breeds and all are very comfortable on these panels. It not only keeps them off of the ground, but it helps to keep them cool and clean during the summer heat. Very durable product; so easy to assemble and clean. And talk about FAST and FREE SHIPPING - AWESOME. Was here in less than a week from ordering. I researched many companies online and was very grateful I clicked on your website. I have recommended this flooring and your company to all my dog loving friends and will continue to do so! Kudos to you all!

Erin Buckley

Contact us at sales@optionsplus.com


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