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Dog Kennel Feed and Water Systems

Keeping food and water supplied in your dog kennel can be an easy task with our food and water bowl systems. Designed to keep your pet from moving the food and water bowls in the kennel, these attachments can save you time and money by eliminating wasted food and dumped water bowls.

dog kennel feeder

Designed to be attached to any dog kennel, these bolt-on dog feed and water units keep the food and water right where you want it in the kennel! Just mount the bracket where you need it in the kennel and insert the bowls. Includes 2 each stainless steel 64oz feed and water bowls.

Model BOF-2 Bolt-on Food and Water Bowl Set $45.00

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dog kennel swingout feeder

Designed for professional breeders, humane organizations and Veterinarian offices where entering the kennel with an unfriendly dog can be a problem. Simply cut the wires on the kennel and install the swingout food and water set. Bolts to the kennel wires using a metal frame to eliminate sharp edges or exposed wire ends. Unlatch the door and swing it open to fill the food and water bowls, then swing shut and latch. 2 each 64oz stainless steel bowls and mounting hardware are included.

Model SOF-1 Swingout Food and Water Bowl Set $85.00

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Design Ideas

Limited for Space and need something different? Our modular panel construction allows for many different shapes and sizes:

All of our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.