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 Options Plus, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer of modular pet enclosures, flooring, roofing, dog houses, dog doors, and other accessories. We are located in Fredericktown, Ohio, approx. 50 miles NE of Columbus. We employ approx. 15 excellent people.

Dog kennel factory office

Options Plus began operations in 1993 to build lamps and steel parts, but quickly developed into dog kennel manufacturing in 1995 to meet the rising demand for pet enclosures, expanding our selection as the requests continued to grow for different types of enclosures for dogs and cats. Our products now range from lightweight, portable kennel systems for smaller pets through heavy-duty and reinforced enclosures for larger, more aggressive pets.

manufacturing dog kennels kennel frame presses forming kennel frames

Options Plus, Inc. is an industry leader in dog kennel manufacturing. We pride ourselves on innovation and being the first to introduce new concepts to the marketplace, such as modular components that allow our customers to set up any type of kennel size that is convenient and practical to each situation. Value is important as well, as we understand that a dog kennel (or multiple kennels) is a major investment, while installation must be simple. We continue to develop new products as we see this market continue to expand. We welcome your comments and suggestions, as our customers are our best source of information.

raw steel to dog kennels factory metal shear dog kennels warehousing operation building

Options Plus, Inc.
PO Box 238, 143 Tuttle Ave.
Fredericktown, OH 43019